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Still being so touched, I can’t help myself, just need to share this, because you have to have read this. It’s Jisbon-cult, so to say… Yeah… by all means, for me, it is.
A little warning for those two to three rather… um… most decorous souls among us: It’s M admittedly, but really a romantic one.
Thanks to mrandmrsjane and teaandcookies1000 for this cherished gift.

house arrest wouldn’t even be a punishment for me

By the time I realised my mistake, it was too late.”


May the thirty-first 2013 I passed my oral art exam. The rose I got cause of reaching the highest score is hanging from the ceiling of my room since that day. She still looks awesome.

A special thanks goes to The Mentalist and ‘Tyger Tyger’ for being part of my exam and helping to impress the teachers. They were stunned by my performance.

(Sorry for my English, still no more than my 2nd language. Suggestions for improvements very welcome)


No wonder Simon Baker’s nickname is ‘Smiley’ (X)

Ooooo I am melting xxx



Jane & Wylie working together…

I need to see that video, too…





Watching Seeing Red. Ew. Kristina Frye

She always made me think of a praying mantis…couldn’t stand her either…Lisbon is a 100 times cuter…

I’ve always hated her, even before thinking that she was interested in Jane…….


it went from this to this in one episode. i’m amazed.

I'd love if the premiere opened up after a short time jump with the team at a crime scene, totally normal, acting professional and doing their jobs. Naturally, us as viewers will be dying to know about Jane/Lisbon and what they've been up to, but they appear to act totally normal with nothing to suggest they're anything more than colleagues. And then all of a sudden Jane grabs her and pulls her into a small room or something and they start making out. Just before the opening credits play ;) -K






K, I would LOVE for that to happen. I think that would be awesome and totally something realistic, since Jane is kind of a spontaneous romantic as we saw in the finale. Awww. 

This would be fantastic. I crave to see it. Perfect! And back from commercial and they’re on the case again. Hotter smidgeons to follow at the end of the day when they go home. :)P

or or or this—he pulls her into the room, puts her gently against a wall and cages her, looking into her eyes—she wants him just as much and we can’t see their hips but we know as he changes the angle of his body that he is pressed into her belly. Then they start making out. Cue the opening credits.

Ahhh yes*-* that would be really amazing! Even the thought that sth like that could happen ♡ omg, I want that!:D NOW!!

He pulls her into a side room because she’s grumpy with him, and after he kisses her passionately she pouts “Jane we’re at work!”, and he gives her a devilish smile and says “sorry, Teresa, you know I can’t control myself when you’re pouting like that” and then he kisses her again… *sigh*

/sigh so adorable and sexy.




The Mentalist - The Kiss:

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